What type of company is Condosmart?  

Condosmart is an international marketing company specializing in the sale and rental of vacation property.  Our services are designed for the individual vacation property owner who wants to sell or rent their property.

Can my resort or a Realtor help me sell my property? 

Resorts are in business to sell new units to generate new maintenance fee’s and taxes; there is no financial gain for the resort for properties on the resale market.   Realtors will list your vacation property because that is one way that they are paid, but they will never sell your property. They can not advertise a vacation property on the MLS because it is not traditional real estate, they can not place a for sale sign on the property, and they can not access the property for any showings because you are not the sole owner.

Do I need an appraisal to sell my vacation property?  

No, we have never had a sale situation regarding vacation property where an appraisal was necessary.

Am I responsible for closing costs? 

Unless alternate arrangements are agreed to, it is standard procedure for the buyer to pay all closing costs and title transfer fees.  We recommend that a licensed, bonded title company be secured to execute all closings.

Do I have to negotiate directly with potential buyers or renters?

It is your right to do so, but if you are not comfortable negotiating on your own, our experienced sales and marketing staff will perform any and all services on your behalf. So once your property is in our inventory you can sit back and relax if you like. There is no work or effort required from you to have your property sold or rented!